A Few Words From Michael Cormier, Co Author of Walking In Humble Spirit

When Jenny Lee asked me to co-write her new book, Walking In Humble Spirit, I jumped at the chance. I saw it as an opportunity to further the studies I’d begun when I wrote my first novel, Sumner Island, a few years back.

By studies, of course, I mean investigation into the unseen – but ever present – realm of universal consciousness. I had grappled with the subject in Sumner Island, but to my frustration, I had only found myself able to explain it in the widest terms. What I really wanted was to bring it down to a personal level, one that any average person can understand, accept and – most important – live their life by. Continue Reading…..

Fox News Interview 

Great Reading! its so nice to hear a gentle voice. I like that she didn’t ask a lot of questions but just starting telling me how to deal with my current situation and reassured me of a positive future. Pepyone

Jenny is intelligent and accurate. I’ve had a couple of readings from her and I enjoy talking to her. Michelle

Jenny speaks candidly with Cathryn Taylor, host of Edge Innerviews about her life as an intuitive healer … the many forms her gifts have taken … and the inspiration which has driven her life even before birth. 
Listen Below

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