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Jenny Lee is an international Remote Viewer for Missing Person cases, artifacts, and wills for the location of items. She is known internationally for these abilities and for Remote Viewing.

Along with her Mediumship ability, she has a strong potential to talk to loved ones that have passed on. Her messages are very raw and insightful, communicating their true message, their identity, and the information.

She is spot on when it comes to identifying the actual spirit that the client requested to talk to.

Jenny Lee is also the author of the book Walking in Humble Spirit which she published in 2017 and has received extraordinary feedback on this book to help others on their journey spiritually!

Jenny Lee is also a spiritual teacher in many areas, including meditation classes, mediumship classes, intuitive classes, and, most of all remote viewing classes. She teaches her students very rawly and always back up their information with documentation following the verification of information.

Jenny tunes into the higher dimensions and relays the information to her students (according to the way) CREATOR and SPIRIT, intended to tune in and hone their abilities.

Jenny Lee is known for her world, predictions, and events like:

Election predictions
Weather patterns, predictions
Economy, financial events
And dimensional Impact for 3D to 5D

Along with these predictions, she designs images of these Events through her unique gifts and channeling ability!

Jenny Lee

So take a look around the website, schedule an appointment and if you have any questions then please do reach out and ask at

Great Reading! its so nice to hear a gentle voice. I like that she didn’t ask a lot of questions but just starting telling me how to deal with my current situation and reassured me of a positive future.

Jenny is intelligent and accurate. I’ve had a couple of readings from her and I enjoy talking to her.

A Few Words From Michael Cormier, Co Author of Walking In Humble Spirit

When Jenny Lee asked me to co-write her new book, Walking In Humble Spirit, I jumped at the chance. I saw it as an opportunity to further the studies I’d begun when I wrote my first novel, Sumner Island, a few years back.

By studies, of course, I mean investigation into the unseen – but ever present – realm of universal consciousness. I had grappled with the subject in Sumner Island, but to my frustration, I had only found myself able to explain it in the widest terms. What I really wanted was to bring it down to a personal level, one that any average person can understand, accept and – most important – live their life by. Continue Reading…..

Enjoy this free guided meditation by Jenny Lee. As mentioned in “Walking In Humble Spirit” 

Prime Creator the One and Only
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Kelly checks in with our monthly columnist Jenny Lee – a multidimensional seer and medium. Watch as they discuss the messages of new Earth energies that Jenny has been receiving. To view all Jenny’s columns with the Edge Magazine Click HERE.

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