When I conveyed this message to clients and loved ones, it struck with such impact. As it caused a flurry of panic, some lost composure . Without question, I standby and adhere to the message the spirit entrust through me, there are no changes made to these messages. My path is true and guided by Spirit, always first.

America, 2016, Date, Year, Flag, Red, White, BlueMarch,12 2016
Presidential Election
Screenshots: Top psychic predictions, for fear they’d be removed after the election if wrong, and they were removed!                    

                                                                   See Post Link Below. I’m at the end.

The overwhelmed nation of joy  passes the enlightenment on to TRUMP!
He is well  aware of what I have written and published. 8 months ago, through a spiritual session, Spirit delivered upon me a great message, that we need to know what about the Elections. Also spoke to me about a new harvest and the wonderful seeds that would sow from it.
Our Mother planet will detoxify and renew her beauty, from negativity casted by the poison she has been soiled with.
There is a new energy, the will revive the soul, shaping this new found energy will lead the bad seeds, to be sown, and the foul plan will be unfolded!! As the Veil, seen and pure, in it’s true Entity.

There is a movement, there is a change coming to save the land.

The channeled name ( TRUMP) he has a brave energy and a Higher Conscious State, can vision clarity and see the answers. A leader to the people, to their true calling. Through seeing the soul of nobles…. and their true suffering he will be victorious in his campaign.

As you can see… some were not happy, but oh well.

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