What the eyes do not see

What is Remote Viewing(RV)

Remote viewing, is closely related to clairvoyance but not the same subject. It is the ability to open the Extrasensory Vision from within. Which allows the us to  “see” in distant places; time; describe events that are happening in the moment remotely; the ability of vision to “ travel “ any part of the world ( and other realms). An example of this would be the person is one part of the world, lets say
New York, and by opening that Extrasensory Vision; allows the mind to travel, through this process, to Twain to observe the what is being sought of, or retrieve the information needed.

Remote vision (RV), has been used to aid through history. The bible, tells of how the Prophet Elisha saves the army from being defeated because of the ability to see beyond the  enemy troops and their secret plans.
Many intelligent agencies around the world seek the help of mediums with the Remote Viewing to coordinate with finding information from where they can not.



How can Remote Viewing help you?

High-level multi dimensional  psychic/medium Jenny Sight is a  gifted remote viewer, not trained or taught. Guided by spirit, and her gift she is able to  locate lost objects and assists on missing person cases. Her main focus is relationships, love, career, finances, and most of importantly spiritual well-being and development. Where you need peace of mind  and seek inner balance with the loss of a  loved one. Jenny Sight can help you find this by connecting you with those who have crossed over, with her gift of Remote Viewing.

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