There is a  natural condition within the human being, that lets them perceive cue’s and experience the physical world, the wonders of the 5 senses. This means that in the “human” world there is a non-physical energy that transcends totally to biophysics, meaning it can be explained, can be seen by the naked eye.

Deep tunnel leading to light. Concept image

Spontaneous or provoked “experiences” are processed in the individual, in their unconscious world. The Phenomena of the Paranormal is a fact that can not be framed within the laws of Clinical or  Experimental Psychology, as the dynamics are a non-physical force. This phenomena is very large and can be divided and subcategorized into various categories, the main focus, for now, will be the Paranormal, respect for the Light.

Many are familiar with the “game” Ouija (please note this is not a game). Although there is much warning not to “play or engage in any form’ with the item, as strange and dreadful things have been reported to happen. Many who engage in playing with this object have had a very disturbing experience from mental to physical. Please be warned that Spirits, not all are bad, just lost but by being foolish enough to open the “gate” without knowing which one you are unlocking can expose you and your loved ones to grave dangerous. You have no idea who or what is on the other side. Without the proper means, you can end up in a battle that will cost you more than just $10.99 at Wal-Mart. How do you fight what you don’t understand? What can you not see? How do you protect yourself from the damage of the unknown? Teasing or provoking spirits is not a game or some sort of entertainment, it is dangerous!

A very sad case that made headlines last year of a school in Peru that experienced the malignant powers.

Terrifying ordeal which began with the young boy playing with a ouija board and escalated to something more horrific

Spirits are are not a source of entertainment, do not disturb them just for giggles.

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