psychic medium Jenny LeeAre you under a spiritual attack? How do you protect loved ones and yourself against the darkness and win? One of the main problems is that we have become desensitized to what happens to us, the truth is the majority of us go on as if it is all “grand and gravy”. Nothing happens by coincidence, a lot that happens is due to the supernatural world that we do not and cannot physically see, but it is there, guiding us through the light or into the shadows. This can make it rather difficult for us to understand when we are under a spiritual attack. What’s more, spiritual attacks are becoming so prevalent that they seem to become part of our daily living.

How do you win the battle of the shadows, and not become lost? More than half the battle is won with recognizing and respecting that it is a consequence form of the other worlds that we do not see, that is the darkness. We are most vulnerable when lowering our guard, that is the moment when the effects of the attack are strongest, you can feel the negative and destructive force surrounding taking effect upon you. A force that you can not stop at free will, yet you can feel your strength within, from this attack.

Everyone faces spiritual struggles along their journey in the hopes to find the light and the Spiritual freedom within. One of the main tricks of the shadows, is to deceive, almost as if sugar coating all the destruction, incapacitating us to realize the depth of the damage that is happening in our lives. Most of the time, many will relate that the struggle they are living is just a physical ailment, just a simple personal issue that is present, but beneath the surface there is something much more complex that is brewing, waiting to surface. Everyone is at risk, anyone is open to spiritual attacks, at any given moment.

What is a spiritual attack? 

Many do not know that they are being used or in the middle of a war of shadows. Yes, dark forces will fight over who can reign within you, conquer your spirit. What is a spiritual attack? A spiritual attack is a series of events coordinated by the dark realms to cause misfortune and destruction within your spiritual being thus affecting your present world, to wreak havoc on your faith, to oppress your light and deter you from the path.


The book of life, like many speaks of how the darkness has several stratagems that are weapons against the flesh realm. Many people mistakenly assume that the realms of the shadow are only upon those who are struggling through life, yet the darkness through the shadows of those who become submerged within the temptations, fallen and lost observe, recollect thoughts, actions, and patterns of the flesh since the first breath. It knows how to manipulate, tempt, lure those who are broken. It has help, not a fool in the game of deceit. Do not go on blindly, ignoring these attempts. With channeling your light guides, and mine along side Spirit we can overcome, create a barrier between you and this perverted attack of the darkness.  Do not live your life with your spiritual eye closed, as if nothing is happening. Seek the light, the guidance of Spirit, to fight what is happening around, within you. Restore balance and renew energy to keep on fighting the battle.


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