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It has been a long, arduous journey for Mark and Angela Dueck, Twin Valley, owners of Northwest Heating and A/C. IT started with a friendship and ended with a conviction. Darci Pinski, 42, Twin Valley, the Dueck’s once friend and former Office Manager pleaded guilty and was convicted of felony theft at a hearing on June 21st in Norman County.

“The worst thing about it”, said Angie, “is not even the theft itself but the fact that it came at the hands of a person who had been my best friend for around 10 years.” The families shared outings, supers and the moms had the same tattoo; a symbol of their friendship.

Not to say that the theft of a large amount of money is not a big issue it shocked the Dueck’s, especially considering it encompassed the span of three (3) years, started only five months after the Dueck’s hired Pinske and came at the hands of the someone they started they “loved like family.”

“She saw this using Remote Viewing” 

Angel Dueck, explaining how Jenny used her gift

The money started disappearing slowly according to research into the accounts, at first only one or two checks and then evolving into 3-5 (checks) a month’s. They only started to really question when they demoted Pinske to Inventory/Bidding and brought in another person to handle the book work, at that point she becomes hostile according to Mark. Shortly after she was demoted Pinske quit, the Dueck’s launched another full investigation into their books.

“”It threw up red flags, how she (Pinske)  could get hostile so fast,” Mark said, “We decided to take a closer look.” The Dueck’s friend and psychic medium JennysSight, furthered their suspicions and encouraged the Dueck’s to dig deeper.

After going through each account (check by check), Mark and the company’s new Office Manager started to see where Pinske was writing checks to herself. Checks that were under account names and supposed to be paying bills. For example, Quickbooks would display check paid to “Twin Valley Times,” but upon further investigation in the invoice, the check would be written out to Pinske.

“Saw her (Pinske) putting money into different accounts….”

Angel Dueck on how Jenny helped

Proof took a long time as no one account was used more than two or three times, Pinske “skipped accounts so there was never one clear track of theft,” Mark noted. The theft may have gone unnoticed had it not been for the businesses that called requesting payment when there was clearly a record, on the surface, in their books of payment being made. The Dueck’s went forward pressing charges which resulted in Pinske’s June 21 conviction of felony theft.

According to court files obtained from the Minnesota Trial Court Public Access site, Pinske must undergo monitoring for the term of five years beginning June 21, have regular check-ins with the probation officer during that period, complete a gambling assessment, and pay restitution totaling $15,402.56 to the Dueck’s.

Pinske’s actions made it difficult for Angela to come to terms with what has happened between the once close duo, “There were times we went without as a family and I’d confide in her about those struggles, then to find this out (the theft)…she took from my family, it’s devastating.”

Mark echoes the betrayal, “she would do anything she could to throw the focus of herself.Many fights were started between Angie and I just to draw focus off her she could have ruined my family. There’s anger but it’s more hurt… we trusted her, she was family. Her and Angela were very close, she knew everything about our business and personal lives, and she’d say things like ‘it’ll get better’, and the whole time she’s stealing from us.”

“…that day when the proof finally was found, you were there. Tears and all…Hugs!

Angel Dueck

It’s heartbreaking situation made the worse with every new fact that came out of a small town business nearly bankrupted and once the office is plastered with a “For Sale” sign. Despite this, Mark is grateful for all the businesses that stuck with them during the upheaval.

While she’s trying to remain positive Angela said, “ It makes you bitter in a way, distrustful like you don’t want to ever trust anyone because it you can’t trust your own best friend, who can you trust?

Who, indeed?

“We are forever grateful for all that you (Jenny Sights) has done for us!!”

Angel Dueck

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