On August 13th, 2017, I sent out a tweet on twitter with my prediction of bad weather coming in September. (see image)
My prediction was “Deep Thinking with Spirit Today, you people better get ready for the month of Sept. bad weather coming, it’s not good!”

As of today, the USA along with other countries are experiencing disaster after disaster including Hurricanes, Wildfires, Flooding, and Earthquakes.

Last night Mexico was struck with an 8.4 Earthquake with damage to 10 states and 2 countries. This almost caused a tsunami!  Unfortunately, we are still early in the month. There is much more to come especially with Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Jose and now Tropical Storm Katia turning into a hurricane as well as the aftershocks from earthquakes, the continuous flooding, and the massive wildfires. This is going to be a long and very hard month for many.

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