Recently I did an interview on Awakening Spirit radio about remote viewing and how I help in missing person cases. You can read the description below as well as listen to the playback.

“There are, on average 90,000 people missing in the Unites States at any given time.  It is understandable that the authorities are over whelmed with so many and resources spread thin.   You can imagine the families feeing of frustration in the lack of progress on the search for their loved ones. But to Families really have any other resources that they could call on to help them?

The Answer is YES!  Remote Viewing  can be another resource for families to help in the search to bring their loved ones home

The case of Savanna Greywind, the 8-month pregnant woman who went missing, drew national attention.  The local, state and national authorities had difficulty trying to find any information on how to find her.  Jenny Lee, a nationally known Christian Psychic Medium was call on by the Native Family of Savannah to help find her.

Jenny is a Multi-dimensional psychic medium that works with spirits and possess the ability to hear, see, know and feel what Spirit is communicating to her.  Through her unique gifts, she helps people find the resolution to issues that are affecting them.  She also uses this connection to Spirit to help find lost things, this is called Remote Viewing.”

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