Do you feel that you lack energy, loss of concentration, and you find yourself wanting to be isolated? Sleeping more than normal, that eerie feeling that every day is a lost battle. Under normal circumstances,  you would seek medical attention, and by default, any doctor would diagnose a severe case of depression. Yet, there could be a spirit attached to your body.

Lost souls, who have chosen to stay behind within the earthly realms, need the energy to keep “alive”. The way these entities survive is by taking advantage of any energy sources they can “live” of off, such as electronic devices and natural electromagnetic sources, as well there are other entities take advantage of the human energy. This tends to happen to when we are facing difficult times in our life when our energies are low, these entities are like fleas, looking for a host to suck. In less threatening cases, these “beings” with the wrong host of energy can cause irreparable damage, and in the worst cases they can take ownership of the host, they inhibit any real living or growth.

What are these entities?

The phenomenon of these entities having a hold on their host can be for an inconclusive duration, only now has it become the epicenter of awareness, a large factor is due to the increased bizarre conduct in people, their whole demeanor seems to change rather drastically.

These type of occurrences happen mainly when the entity that is “possessing” the person is of the Dark World or a lost spirit. In rare cases the spirits, weave themselves to the person to help them, offering them an inexplicable ability for arts, painting, drawing, music or writing. Yet in other cases, they can become the worst of nightmares, that cause tremendous damage to the physical and mental health of the host.

Why do they attach?

There are boundless reasons for a spiritual tie, but generally many spirits try to seek consolation. Some have not realized they have passed on to ther side or refuse to let go of this world, and want to be part of the living. In some cases, the spirit wants to get in touch with the living for help, with no intentions of harm or wrongdoing.

There are spirits and entities that will deliberately seek the energy of the living. Entities have many different names and forms, but they all basically feed on the energy transmitted by people in the living world. These are known as astral parasites, as they “suck” enormous resources from the living and drain their energy until the host ceases to produce anymore.


Which people may be most at risk of astral parasites?

There is no specific, gender, age, race that is at risk. Everyone is. Mediums and psychics are one of the highest at risk for the exposure of this phenomenon since they are transporters, channels, to other dimensions. Those who practice occult or spiritual activities may be more susceptible to a threat. As we have commented on previous discussions, “games” such as the Ouija, cups, flame calling, are portals that allow the entrance to certain entities, with the only outcome of causing irreparable damage.


Taking into consideration people who have mental or health problems, that in itself reduces their energy protection. People with a history of drug or alcohol abuse are constantly at risk of spiritual terrorism. Drugs and alcohol abuse not only distort and stain the aura but place a great harm in the protection and quiche pie.

If you are feeling down on your luck or lost, do not attempt to self-medicate yourself as that can cause more than just great health issue but long term damage. There is help and with the proper guide and treatment, you can find yourself dancing in the rain, rather than fearing it.

Please feel free to ask, write, call for a reading treatment, cleanse, do not attempt these on your own!

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