Have you ever used a psychic? A medium? A Healer? If so, Do you openly admit to using these services? Or do you prefer to keep quiet about using the services? Are you in psychic denial?

psychic denialAccording to the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, Out of 4,550 participants, 71% of clients who use psychic and medium services are women and 31% are men. Out of these statistics, These men and women also recommend to others to use psychic services. So if that is the case, Why do we see so much “Psychic Denial”?


Psychic denial is when a person consults with a psychic medium and then when they receive answers they choose to deny where they found their answers even if those answers turn out to be accurate.  From years of doing readings and working with many different types of people from all walks of life, I have learned some of the main reasons why Psychic denial happens so I am going to list the top 4 reasons below.


    • Embarrassment- Yes many people are embarrassed to admit that they turned to a psychic when trying to find guidance or find answers they need.
    • Religion- Religion is the next most common thing that causes people to deny that they use psychic or medium services although based on the above-mentioned survey, 99% of psychics and mediums do believe in God and many times use religion in their readings.


  • Cultural- Having specific cultural beliefs can also cause people to deny the use of psychics. For Example. Some Native American Indian tribes forbid an outside person to help anyone in their tribe. If they do allow an outside person to help sometimes this person has to be approved or blessed by the tribe’s medicine man in order for them assist in any way.


  • Refusal to Believe- This one is always interesting cause I see it quite often. People hire a psychic, they feel the psychic is accurate yet they still refuse to believe it’s possible so they then revert to psychic denial


Psychic Denial is something that is very prominent in the metapsychical industry. So what is my view on psychic denial?


A very simple one actually! Never be afraid to be who you are, never be afraid to admit what you believe in, never allow anything to hold you back from receiving answers or guidance from a psychic or medium and please do always give your psychic adviser credit where credit is due. Most of the legit psychics are not in the industry because we want credit or we want to get rich. We are in this industry because we have a gift and we know our gift is meant to be out there in the world to help other people. So when we assist someone especially in very publicized situations like crimes or missing people when the media tends to get involved, It comes across as a bit of a slap in the face when psychic denial kicks in after we many times use our gifts and our services at no charge for things like missing people or unsolved crimes.


So that is my view on psychic denial, to anyone out there that tends to be one of those people that deny the use of psychic services, I ask you to instead to never be afraid to be who you are, never be afraid to admit what you believe in, never allow anything to hold you back from receiving answers or guidance because you are YOU and have the right to believe in what you want to.

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