Psychic Addiction A.K.A. Psychic Dependency

Psychic Addiction


Are you itching for answers for all your problems? Think your spouse is out with someone else when he’s “working late”. Are you too impatient to wait for life to take its course, so you find yourself lurking for the easy answers from psychic intelligence. Going too often for a quick fix to all or any of your psychic connections is called psychic addiction or psychic dependency.

Just like any addiction, you feed it way too much too often for the satisfaction and pleasure that you’re doing it again. You’re locked on to the sensation you feel when you do it. You can’t stop thinking about it to the point it takes over your life and you find yourself on the edge of easing that itch. Psychic addiction is no different.

Psychic Addiction

In this case, you beg and crawl back to the next person who will give you the response you’re so desperate for. The unnecessary amount of too much time and money spent only on trying to find answers you may desire.




Reasons for your desperation

  1. Psychic AddictionYou feel hopelessly lost and drowning in problems
  2. Have no one to go to for guidance
  3. Easily persuaded
  4. Always depended on quick fixes
  5. Problems seem to come from suspicious origins
  6. Can’t pick your next move without help
  7. Seems psychics have your best interest
  8. Looking for path the easy way


Find your way back to living a decent life of dealing with your own issues for once. It’s not bad to seek guidance or search for unanswered questions, but when you find yourself going more than twice a week for a psychic reading you have a problem or possibly a psychic addiction.

Going for a reading every once in awhile is ok it can even be healthy and refreshing. It can be a huge help for those who don’t abuse this power.

Psychic AddictionCalling that hotline or paying for a reading will bleed you dry if you allow it. Your next move can be your own and when the occasion calls for it, you’ll be able to pay for that sweet treat instead of spending all your hard earned cash on an easy answer you can fulfill.

Picking the right path might seem dangerous and reckless. The move you make will change your life, right? Stop being so antsy and anxious to keep your life perfect, after all, we all fall at one point, but getting back up is half the fun. Get that job, find Mr. or Ms. right, and investigate the willpower and intuition we are all born with. The next move does not need to leave you broken without psychic aid.

Psychic Addiction

Psychic AddictionPut away that phone and put your credit card down for when you really can benefit from the gifts above. You will free the chains and break the unending cycle today. The next time you feel like the answer you seek can only be given by psychic knowledge run to a family or friend and talk it out. Even a counselor or therapist can help more professionally with deeper issues. Meditate your way to wisdom and if you still feel unsure then seek a psychic for help but don’t make a bad habit of it. Don’t let it turn into a psychic addiction, Know when is the right time.

Be the person you aspire to be and most admire. Breath in the fresh air, and find yourself again. The solution is but a blink away not always a dial.


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