Let’s say your friend lost their keys or can’t find their phone and for some reason, you envision those lost items in your mind or can sense them. Then you happen to help them because the items were where you said they would be. This talented skill is not just a coincidence, it’s called remote viewing or RV for short.

Remote Viewing

The Abilities of RV

Remote viewing is seeking unknown items, people, places, and even past events just by using Esp(extrasensory perception) to target what is sought. All it takes is an object or something related to the subject you are searching. RV is a form of PSI A.K.A. psychic or parapsychology. It’s a skill categorized with clairvoyance and telepathy. When projecting your mind you may feel textures, smell what’s around, visualize locations or intimate details. Only after the session is over will you be able to interpret what you sensed by drawing, writing, and vocalizing what was envisioned. Remote viewing is more of a strict science meant to be studied and assist with unsolvable cases.

Remote Viewing

History of remote viewing and solving cases

The US military had a study of remote viewing called “Stargate project” in the 1970’s. They used these skills to gain intelligence from other parties. The project is no longer available, but RV is still being used today to guide investigations and solve cases. Many people who exercise remote viewing make a career working alongside the police and bringing closure to families.


When a person goes missing or police can’t seem to have enough information to bring a case to a close, a remote viewer may come in and assist. A simple picture or lock of hair have been known to be the items of bringing justice to a case. Not all cases are solved in a stride there have been cases solved 10-30 years after details given by RV.

Remote Viewing

Some people theorize that remote viewing is our mind going through time and space and also that the past is simultaneous with the present. Some believe in alternate futures. This collides with quantum physics. Remote viewing is a learning experience, as time goes by our bodies surprise us with many gifts and skills. We need to unlock our full potential as human beings. If RV can solve crimes and help people just projecting our minds, we can be capable of unlocked ancient powers.


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