This is what everybody’s been waiting for! 2020 Election Prediction & the fall of the cabal… The Circle keys are in place with Mother Earth. and core of Light! But the battle has just begun. No worldly possessions will fill your soul! That is the work of Belial programing weak souls, teasing them with Entitlement, which leads to the darkness of selling a useless soul, with no value on either side. ego is the one true tool that is being used to control Humans.

From here out. you will not see peace until Belial Sons and daughters are confined Hades garden. along with the cabals blood-thirsty humans.


  1.  First phase uses the anger!! and the misdirected soul of humankind, to Abolish man’s Law & create Anarchy, with a Paranoid society, This is the Perfect storm for misguided souls ( this is present-day and time we are at. (June -28-2020
  2.  Abolish resources Dismantle human safety. enforce shaded Societies of a news Media Mafia, dark seeded Laws to enforce depopulation, and remove your Opinion and free will, and dissolve are History! on this Great! earth. (note this is warnings) from spirit! evil Societies are on their last stand! of controlling you.
  3.  Earth will move its ground soon. East & West big waves will cleanse and make humans humble again. you will see the colorful core of light! Dwells within are Milkey way. Man is not in control that is the IIIusion, that has been Programed in you.
  4.  For this time on this Earth. Trump.. will Win another season. as the fall leaves turn Brown. each and every soul will pick. to be free Red!! will shine across your eyes Your spirits will stand in long lines. to ring in The freedom Bell, Trump was chosen before his soul!!! enter this world. and it is Beyond) the human mindset to understand! Chosen souls. that comes from the Light! they are tested within this Lifetime, and time again! and can withstand the human stones and embrace The ability to stay on there Mission, humans, will come together as one soul! and the Pains of the past will heal!!! as we move into the soul and discard the human body!

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