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Hello, my name is Jenny’s Sight and I am a high-level multidimensional seer & medium. Starting at the age of three, I began seeing angels and then began reading people at the age of 10. This always felt normal to me and I didn’t realize I was any different than anyone else. My entire life I studied major religions and paranormal activity to become familiar with all types of energies and to identify positive and negative energy that is affecting people’s lives.

I work with spirits and possess the ability to hear, see, know, and feel, what spirit is communicating to me. My specialty is deep-seated mental and emotional pain or issues that are affecting you and your life. In addition, I’m also a certified angel card reader and work with these as directed by the spirit.

Through my unique gifts as a multidimensional seer & medium, I help you find the resolution to issues that are affecting you. This is done identifying spirits in your pictures, whether you see them or not. I also specialize in spirit identifying, which allows you to know what or who is affecting you in your life. Once I hone in on the specific spirit, I’m able to clear negative energies from you, your home, and workplace to create a positive energetic well-being.

Psychic Medium Jenny Lee
Psychic Medium Jenny Lee


She is a VERY different reader… Do not expect the usual Name, Date of Birth, Year, how long have you known them spill. So she Picks up strongly on energy. Loved it! Thanks Jenny.

Jenny you are always dead on! Thank you for your guidance. And for the remote viewing you have done for me. Amazing everyone!

Remote Viewing / Psychic Medium/Seer 

I am a gifted remote viewer and can easily find lost objects and often work on missing person cases. I focus on relationships, love, career, finances, and especially spiritual concern and development. I provide the peace of mind we all need and seek when we lose one of our loved ones by connecting you with those who have crossed over with ease.

Additionally, I am an excellent phone adviser and have been doing this for years. I connect with ease, love, and through spirit. I love performing general readings; just give me a topic and let me do my work. I will amaze you by what I am able to tell you.


• Certified in Reasonable Suspicion for Drugs & Drinking Certification, as well as HR Boot Camp for Discipline & Termination – 01/10/2012
• CSTOP Certificate & Manager Certification – 12/16/2007
• OSHA Certification – 06/05/2012
• Safety Construction Manager for 7 Years for the OSHA & Workplace Violence Prevention Program – 08/30/2012

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