Multidimensional Seer & Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Author

Multidimensional Seer & Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Author

I am proud to announce that I am now offering private classes for those interested in expanding their knowledge and building a business. These private one on one classes will be taught using my years of experience as a seer, medium, remote viewer, healer and spiritual teacher. If you are dedicated to truly learning more and you understand the hard work it takes to advance your abilities then please take a look at the classes below. All private classes will receive a Certificate Of Completion once the class is completed. 

After ordering your class e-mail to schedule your class. 


Private Classes currently being offered are listed below. These classes are taught using my knowledge and expertise and are meant to help you grow not only in your skill set but spiritually as well. If you have any questions, You can email After purchasing your class please contact Jenny directly to schedule your class time.



Remote Viewing Level 1 Class

This class is for beginners who are looking to learn the gift of remote viewing or to improve their skills. Remote viewing is an amazing tool that is used to help those looking for something whether that be a lost item, missing persons or materials in the ground. Receive personal training from Jenny Lee herself during this detailed class. 

You will receive a certificate of completion when you have successfully completed this course.



Spiritual Income Class for Healers & Psychics 

In this class you will learn about your capabilities, what category you fall into,  applying your abilities to clients, and learn how to have an income working online using your abilities. This class does have homework assignments that must be completed.
$1000- 5 -1 hour sessions via Skype
You will receive a certificate of completion when you have successfully completed this course.


Mediumship Class for Psychics & Healers

This class will consist of 5 one on one sessions with Jenny Lee. You will learn about higher levels of mediumship and techniques to improve your mediumship skills.
After each session, you will be assigned a “homework” assignment to complete before our next session. Sessions can be done via telephone or Skype.

These are private one on one sessions. Please call or text 406-850-0613 to schedule your appointment after purchase.

Humble Healing Certification

Humble Healing certification classes coming soon. Check back in a few days for updates. 

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