Insightful Psychic Readings & Spiritual Guidance

I have provided psychic readings as Jennyssight for more than 15 years, but have performed readings for more than 30 years now. For your convenience, I handle consultations and readings over the phone and through Skype.


Everything is done through faith and the practice of faith is needed in my mediums for clients. I have people come to me for different reasons, such as love, money, careers, and past heated pains (possibly starting from childhood). I also identify spiritual identification of the energy and the kind of energy around them.

In addition to general readings, I offer viewings based on missing persons or lost items. This is done through picking up materials around the environment that lead me to the missing person or lost item.

The first thing I do is help my clients find their faith since they can’t be open to anything if they don’t believe. The benefit is that I teach you to use natural tools on your own, including prayers, sweet grass, rocks, crystals, and symbols. I use organic tools and processes because everything comes from the earth. Since each case is different, I analyze the scenario and give the tools needed for them to do it on your own, as well as recommend books and provide the knowledge you need.

The first medium consultation for phone readings is $80 for 30 minutes. Skype readings are $160 an hour due to the personal nature of the reading. In Addition, I do follow-ups with you to ensure everything is affecting you in a positive manner and that your balance is back on track.

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